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High Profile Jalandhar Escorts – Escorts in Jalandhar

For Harleen – Jalandhar Escorts, Jalandhar presents the challenge of making sure all of their escorts in jalandhar area are up to the task of standing out for being beautiful, without giving away your private business. If your taste runs to VIP Jalandhar escorts or Celebrity Jalandhar escorts, you can be assured that they will greet you dressed to the nines and speaking eloquently of events. The escorts in Jalandhar are of a class all their own.

Wonderland Park is an exquisitely kept green area in Jalandhar that is open to the public. It started out as a beautiful nature park. It’s an excellent place to go for a Sunday picnic

Tickets for the event are surprisingly easy to be had as broadcasting of the tournament has replaced the desire to see it live for many. That said, Wonderland still receives over 200o visitors a year so you may want to rethink your travel plans if you are vacationing over the end of June and July of each year. The town is crowded with Cricket and hotel rooms are hard to come by. Jalandhar escorts are kept busy that time of the year, but the perfect High profile Jalandhar escorts for your evening can easily be arrange from other areas of the city.


The Kabaddi tournament overshadows the vibrant Kabaddi action that goes on in Jalandhar. Not only is it home to two premier leagues, but to three non-league clubs. The history of the leagues in Jalandhar is contentious. There is usually a game to be had at any given time, simply pick up the paper and find a local listing for the league level you want to see.