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Jammu is famous in the India over for its contribution to the chaos of the 60s, from the fashion outrages of the shops and designers on King’s Road to its psychedelic parties. While Jammu has calmed down quite a bit since those days, the hedonistic influence of the time is still felt. Jammu escorts are always up for a good time, but reliable and safe too. Harleen- Jammu Escorts keeps a list of available escorts in Jammu that will suit your every desire.

No trip to Jammu is complete without completely exploring famous places in jammu like Bagh-e-bahu. Choose your company for the day from any of the Celebrity Jammu escorts available and you will feel like you are back in time when life was more permissive and understanding of desire.

Revisiting the places where stores like The Sweet Shop sold one-off designs to the likes of Nathu can be exhilarating. There are tons of small shops, cafes and restaurants along the way to provide refreshments and souvenirs.


As much as everyone associates Jammu, it has grown and changed much since then. It is known as the Winter Capital of Jammu, Jammu still attracts a solid crowd of artists. There are galleries and open studio tours that you will find fascinating. Another key attraction in Jammu is the amount of live music and entertainment available. Jammu Escorts can be a great idea when taking in a show while visiting so you avoid the awkwardness of arriving alone. Pick an jammu escort to suit the venue, mature Jammu escorts for the more staid venues and exotic VIP Jammu escorts for the younger, hipper crowds. One of the other things that Jammu is now known for, which is almost homage to the 60s, but a well behaved one, is its annual flower show. It is bright, beautiful and a wonderful way to spend the day.

Part of what has allowed Jammu to maintain its winter capital appeal is how well it is connected to the underground system. These means accessible and affordable travel at all times and in all weathers. Driving a private car is another matter as traffic can be tight and parking impossible. If you really want to have a car bring you and your jammu escorts around town, hire a driver and service. This way you don’t have to worry about the practicalities and can just enjoy the evening.